Designed for content marketing

RCMS is designed with content marketing in mind. Add and update content of all kind easily and quickly. Preview changes and review them to be sure of the result. Share your content to social media services and analyze the amount of generated traffic. While RCMS is always search engine friendly, manual search engine optimization is made easy with the included SEO tool. 

High quality delivery

Expect only high-quality solutions when working with RCMS. The platform is developed continuously and we cherish standards that are crucial for our customers. These are for example:

  • User friendly URLs: e.g.
  • Realization in accordance with W3C standards
  • Websites are displayed correctly on all browsers
  • Continuous platform development and updates
  • Quick and secure server environment

A content management system that grows along with your business

RCMS provides a wide variety of ready-to-use features including webshop, extranet, calendar, FAQ, premises management and much more that can be added to your website or campaigns whenever needed. However, ready-to-use features are not always enough to match up to our clients’ demanding requirements. This is where the strong points of  RCMS really come to play by providing us with the means for developing client-specific features quickly and cost-effectively.

I have used RCMS in many SEO projects. Search engine optimization can be frustrating if the CMS doesn't allow you to make changes to any element that you want to. RCMS is easy to use, search engine friendly and flexible in many ways. Thumbs up!

Antti Koski, Web Analyst at Fonecta Oy