Manage all your web
publications in one place

With RCMS you can manage all your web publications in one place regardless of their type. RCMS is suitable for needs of any kind: large corporate websites, mobile, micro and campaign sites, landing pages, Facebook pages - you name it!


Create and design
new templates

Create new templates and publish multiple websites without hassle. All you need is some CSS knowledge. You can also let your preferred agency do the work for you.


Keep your websites up-to-date effortlessly

Updating your website is now easier than ever! Create, preview and publish your content without any need for technical skills.


Optimize your content
for search engines

RCMS is always search engine friendly, guaranteeing high visibility for your website. In addition, there are also profound SEO tools available for manual search engine optimization.


Connect to your digital asset
management system

For even easier asset management and publication, RCMS provides interfaces for connecting third party digital asset management systems.


Create new websites
with just one click

Creating new web publications is as easy as creating new Word documents. Just choose a template and click the create button. When the site is ready for the world, connect it to a domain and start spreading the word.


Customize with included
features and widgets

RCMS provides a lot of highly customizable features like extranet, webshop, premises management, image gallery and news with commenting. And, for example, publish your videos with a specified YouTube widget - no more embed codes!


Publish to all devices

Provide your content to your customers in a pleasant, accessible way no matter which device they are using. RCMS has a full support for responsive design.


Share your content and be available

With RCMS you can easily share your content to social media services and be available to your customers in their preferred channel. You can also publish feeds and content from other services on your website.


Deliver from the cloud

RCMS is a cloud-based platform, always up and running. Our monthly fee includes all services and maintenance. No need for your own servers, no local maintenance, no software to install and update. Plain and easy!